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Discord.js v14

JellyCommands now only supports Discord.js v14. The last version to support Discord.js v13 was 1.0.0-next.31.


Fortunately there were minor changes to JellyCommands projects, once you have updated to discord.js v14 using the official guide, you can follow this list of updates

Slash Command Options

Discord.js made the decision to switch from SNAKE_CASE on enum's to CamelCase, so we updated the command options to reflect that:

export default command({
    options: [
-           type: 'CHANNEL',
+           type: 'Channel',
            name: 'channel',
            description: 'Channel to send a message into',
            required: true,

Guards Permissions

Just like the changes to Slash Command Options, you need to switch from SNAKE_CASE to CamelCase

export default command({
    guards: {
-       permissions: ['ADMINISTRATOR'],
+       permissions: ['Administrator'],


If I missed anything off this guide, or you are struggling with the migration please join the discord to get support!

MIT Licensed