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Quick Start

JellyCommands includes a versatile tool that provides you with a simple and intuitive command-line interface (CLI) for generating new projects. You can create a new project with all the basic files and directories you need to get started. Simply open your terminal and run the following command:

npm create jellycommands project-name

This will create a new project with the specified name. From there, you can dive right into your code, or explore some of the additional features and options available to you.

Project Overview

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the structure of your project. This will help you navigate and organize your code effectively. Here's a rough overview of what each file and folder does. Don't forget to check the generated for additional tips and reminders.

├─ src/             - Project source code
│  ├─ index.js      - Your main file
│  │
│  ├─ commands/     - JellyCommands command automatically loaded from here
│  │  └── hello.js  - Example Hello World command
│  │
│  └─ events/       - JellyCommands events automatically loaded from here
│     └── ready.js  - This ready event fires when the client starts

├─        - Helpful tips/reminders about your project
└─ .env.example     - This shows what your .env file should look like


With JellyCommands, you can take advantage of TypeScript's powerful features to build bots that are more robust and easier to maintain. To get started, simply use the CLI, and choose whether you'd like to use TypeScript. If you opt-in, the template will use tsm to run your code without any compilation step. However, if you prefer to compile your code, you can easily swap it out for a compiler like tsc or tsup.

MIT Licensed